Commercial Roof Maintenance

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Keeping your commercial roof in top condition is a crucial a part of ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Leaky or otherwise damaged roofs cause costly repairs and also pose serious safety hazards within your building. We are your commercial maintenance roofer in Langley BC.

It is important to conduct an annual inspection of your roofing system, so any damaged or worn areas are often quickly repaired or replaced before the matter worsens.  Unfortunately, most property and commercial asset managers aren’t as proactive as they should be about roof maintenance. Often, seemingly small issues are ignored — up until they become totally un-ignorable. 

The Vancouver area weather traditionally is not as damaging to roofs as in other areas of the country. With the high moisture volume, commercial roofs in the area should be check for leaks and to make sure the roof is draining properly.

If a little leak appears, it’s tempting to require the straightforward route and just patch it up where the water is visible, instead of getting to the difficulty of pinpointing the source of the leak. This is often the equivalent of putting a Band-Aid on the matter.

In addition to looking for leaks, we will inspect the whole gutter system to ensure that water is flowing away from the building. This will prevent possible damage to the foundation.

Commercial Roofer Langley BC

We offer comprehensive maintenance services, to make sure your roof is in optimal condition year-round. Our Affordable Roofing Langley flat roof maintenance services consist of:

⦁ Full roof inspections and evaluations

⦁ Cleaning drains and gutter systems

⦁ Repairing holes and rips

⦁ Removing accumulated debris

⦁ Fixing any bent, rusted, or damaged flashing

You can pair our flat roof maintenance services with our free commercial roof and industrial roof quote services to safeguard a long-lasting, high-quality flat roof. Don’t just settle for any roofer in Langley. Call Affordable Roofing Langley to let us give you an free estimate.