Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing installations are great for property owners looking for uniqueness in their roofing in Langley. The extended lifespan of the metal roof can last upwards of fifty years! This means that your roof replacement won’t be until a long time away. The lifespan of a metal installation isn’t the sole reason for picking metal over other roofing options. When considering metal roofing contact us for extra information and a detailed quote.


Metal roofing panels are available with a spread of options available for installation on your Langley commercial or residential structure! From corrugated panels to standing seam metal panels there’s an option which will perfectly compliment your aesthetic. Long lasting benefits are present with the fitting of a metal roof. Not only will the metal roof offer over fifty years of energy efficient use, but it’ll provide aesthetic value. Property value and resale value should be considered before investing during a roofing option.

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Fire Resistance

Metal roofing installations in Langley offer benefits that prohibit the spread of fireside throughout structures. The fabric puts a stop to the potential devastation that a fire can cause on a building. Metal roofs are truly fire resistant.  The fabric of metal itself is hard and resilient to the consequences of extreme heat. Application of an under layer will increase the safety that’s already present within the installation of a metal roof. The security benefits that accompany a durable surface like metal, create an extended lasting option for homeowners.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs are often great additions to your space. They enhance the energy efficiency of your structure. With thermal barrier finishing it will reflect heat reduce the cooling and heating costs. The footprint on the environment are often substantially decreased. Depending on the provider, the fabric of the roofing system also can be constructed of recycled aluminum. This will increase the eco-friendly aspect of your choice.  The applying of a metal roofing system can decrease your homes energy costs by up to forty percent!  This suggests that your hard-earned money is often reallocated to other purposes. Metal may be a natural deterrent to the radiation that accompanies sun.


Asphalt roofing deteriorates at a way higher rate than the metal roofing. High-end metal roofing systems made up of zinc or copper can last overflow 100 years! Cheaper aluminum options can last upwards of fifty years. The choice to switch to metal roofing is becoming more appealing. It is popular with clients throughout North America drawing masses of converters. With the high durability and longevity, the benefits of metal roofing over asphalt are great. Metal roofs are often made from various types like copper, zinc, and sheets, panels. There are also standing seam metal roof and corrugated metal roofing. To seek out the proper solution for your commercial or residential space contact Affordable Roofing Langley today!