Commercial Roofing Types

Commercial Roofing Construction Types

The three main types of commercial roofing systems, or shapes: flat, low or pitched. Affordable Roofing Langley installs and repairs all three types with extensive expertise in the Langley area. If you’re building a new commercial building, the roof line can make a big difference in how your building functions.

Flat Roofs

Commercial Roofing Types

Flat Roofs are one among the foremost common sorts of commercial roofing for large commercial buildings like big box stores, warehouses, and shopping centres, because they’re budget friendly. they’re installed quickly and use fewer materials than another shapes.


Flat roofs are great for conserving energy because their reflective properties keep cooling costs lower, especially in hot climates. A flat roof also can provide additional space for air conditioners, solar panels, and satellite dishes.


Flat roofs are pretty easy to take care of since they need quick access and workmen can walk and work safely altogether sorts of weather. Some owners could also be concerned about standing water on a flat roof, but this will be addressed and with our roofing professionals to put strategic drains and avoid puddling.

Low Slope Roofs

A low-slope roof is one among the sorts of commercial roofing systems, and is probably going to be found on warehouses, apartment buildings, and industrial buildings. From a distance, they seem flat, but they need a soft slope to them, which makes them unique. they’re somewhere in between a flat roof and a steep pitched roof. Many areas have strict building codes for low-slope roofs which must be strictly adhered to.

Features: Low-slope roofs are an excellent in-between option. The roof area is smaller than high-pitched roofs, making installation costs less costly. However, the slight slope allows for runoff, which prevents standing water or puddles on the roof. Installation for a low-slope roof is straightforward and common to perform. The roof can function as a storage for a few items like air conditioners, and solar panels, depending on the form and size of the roof.

Maintenance: Low-slope roofs are very easy to take care of since their slight pitch makes runoff easy. the sole concern is winter months where snow can build-up and add weight. The roof is meant with valleys, saddles, and drains to help it be almost maintenance free. If necessary, it’s easy for roofers to access the roof and make improvements or roof repairs.

Pitched Roofs

A pitched roof creates an attractive commercial building that appears more stylish than an average warehouse. Pitched roofs are less common in commercial buildings because they’re costlier, but they’re still utilized in some industries.


Increased slopes make both snow and rain runoff easy, which may be especially helpful for those within the Langley area. This reduces repairs and maintenance because it’s easy for liquid or debris to flow down.


Steep roofs are often tricky to maneuver on, but with increased safety procedures it is not impossible for a knowledgeable commercial roofing company.  With our safety procedures in place, we will access and complete your commercial roof maintenance.