Commercial Roofing Repair

Commercial Roofing Repair

Leak Causes

Roof leaks are the foremost common issue for commercial roofing repair, and in over 90 percent of cases, these are caused by one issue: faulty flashing installation. Flashing is installed on walls, curbs and around protruding objects, and lots of manufacturers fail to account for expected expansion and contraction thanks to the weather.

If it’s not a flashing issue causing the leak in your roof, it is a good chance that pitch pan issues may be the culprit. Pitch pans are used as sealants around a pipe coming through a roof, may not be adequately sealed.

Wind Issues

Wind can cause multiple issues for roofing products that aren’t properly installed or maintained. Flashing can again be a problem here – pressure from wind can combine with internal atmospheric pressure from improperly-installed flashing and may cause what’s called wind uplift. Wind uplift can damage the seams and membrane of the roof if they aren’t addressed in time. Additionally, high winds can detach chimney caps and vents, which may allow water in.

Punctures and Penetration

Especially during maintenance, it’s possible for brand spanking new penetrations to be made within the roof. These scrapes and cuts can cause leaks and may also cause voiding of maintenance guarantees in some cases. Roofing penetrations need to be effectively sealed with expansion and contraction in mind.

Standing Water

Mostly thanks to clogged drains or poor design, standing water on the roof can cause materials to deteriorate and can eventually cause leaks. Sometimes standing water may be the results of a manufacturer failing to think about slope, or other times it’s just a clogged HVAC unit.

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